The Complete Piano Music of Miriam Hyde Volume 1

Release Date – August 2018

(Recorded at Sound Heaven Studios, Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia, 2015)

A landmark recording project of the complete works of Australian pianist and pedagogue, Miriam Hyde, by pianist Daniel Johnson.

  1. Ballerina
  2. Four Funny Frogs
  3. Minarets
  4. I Heard a Flute
  5. Three Impressions: Lyrical Moments
  6. Three Impressions: Frost Fairies
  7. Three Impressions: The Abbey Organ
  8. The New Flute
  9. Flying My Kite
  10. Melody for the Left Hand Alone
  11. Reverie
  12. Gnomes Marching
  13. Fun at the Piano
  14. Minor Melody
  15. Cherry Blossom Time
  16. Starry Night
  17. Graceful Dance
  18. The Nest in the Rose Bush
  19. Prelude in B Flat Major
  20. The Jolly Farmer
  21. Dragonflies
  22. Two Triplet Studies
  23. Woodland Sketch

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